At America Age, we take the security and integrity of our platform seriously. As an integral publication of the Enspirers News Group, we are committed to delivering unfiltered World News and trusted coverage of Politics, Business, Tech, and more. If you have discovered a potential vulnerability in our systems or website, we appreciate your assistance in reporting it to us promptly.

How to Report a Vulnerability

If you believe you have identified a security vulnerability or issue on America Age’s platform, please follow these steps to report it to our team:

Contact Information

To report a vulnerability, please contact us at:

  • Email:
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Include the Following Details:

  1. Description of the Vulnerability: Provide a detailed description of the vulnerability or issue you have identified. Explain how it can be reproduced and its potential impact.
  2. Steps to Reproduce: If possible, provide step-by-step instructions or a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the vulnerability.
  3. Your Contact Information: Please provide your contact information (name, email, and phone number) so that we can follow up with you regarding the vulnerability report.


We take the confidentiality and security of your information seriously. If you wish to report the vulnerability anonymously, please indicate this in your communication. We will respect your request and handle the information with care.

Our Commitment

Upon receiving your vulnerability report, our technical team will investigate the issue promptly and take appropriate measures to address it. We are committed to maintaining the security and reliability of our platform for our readers and contributors.

Responsible Disclosure

We encourage responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities and appreciate your cooperation in reporting them to us directly. By working together, we can ensure a safe and secure environment for all users of America Age.


Thank you for helping us uphold our commitment to security and excellence at America Age. Your vigilance and cooperation are invaluable in safeguarding our platform. We look forward to addressing any potential vulnerabilities promptly and transparently.

For any further inquiries or to report a vulnerability, please contact us at:

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Together, we can continue to deliver impactful news and stories while maintaining the highest standards of security.