Diversity & Inclusion


As an esteemed publication within the Enspirers News Group, America Age is dedicated to upholding the principles of diversity and inclusion. Our commitment to these values is reflected in our editorial practices, workplace culture, and the content we deliver to our global audience. By embracing diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive environment, we ensure that our reporting and analysis resonate with readers from all walks of life.

Editorial Commitment

America Age is committed to producing content that reflects the rich diversity of the world we live in. We believe that inclusive journalism is crucial for accurate and comprehensive news coverage.


  • Diverse Voices: We actively seek to include voices from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences in our reporting and opinion pieces.
  • Inclusive Coverage: Our coverage spans issues that affect diverse communities, ensuring that all perspectives are represented in our news stories, analyses, and features.


  • Cultural Awareness: We approach all topics with cultural sensitivity and awareness, avoiding stereotypes and ensuring respectful representation of all groups.
  • Language: We use inclusive and non-discriminatory language in all our content, striving to create a welcoming environment for all readers.

Workplace Culture

America Age fosters a workplace culture that values diversity and promotes inclusion. We believe that a diverse team enhances our ability to provide nuanced and insightful journalism.


  • Equal Opportunity: We are committed to equal employment opportunities and actively seek to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Inclusive Hiring: Our hiring practices are designed to eliminate bias and ensure that candidates from all backgrounds have an equal chance of success.


  • Training: We provide ongoing training and development opportunities to our staff to enhance their understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Support: We offer support networks and resources to ensure that all employees feel valued and included.

User-Generated Content

Our platform, Enspirers.com, allows users to contribute content, and we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive community of contributors.


  • Respectful Dialogue: We encourage respectful and constructive dialogue among our contributors. Content that promotes hate, violence, or discrimination is not tolerated.
  • Diverse Perspectives: We welcome contributions from individuals of all backgrounds and experiences, ensuring a rich diversity of viewpoints on our platform.


  • Fair Review: All user-generated content is reviewed to ensure it aligns with our standards of diversity and inclusion. We are committed to providing a platform for voices that might otherwise go unheard.
  • Feedback: We welcome feedback from our contributors and readers to continually improve our practices and foster an inclusive environment.

Community Engagement

America Age engages with communities to promote diversity and inclusion in journalism and beyond.


  • Collaborations: We collaborate with diverse organizations and community groups to ensure our coverage is representative and impactful.
  • Events: We host and participate in events that promote dialogue on diversity and inclusion, both within journalism and in broader societal contexts.


  • Open Channels: We maintain open channels for feedback from our readers and contributors to address concerns and improve our practices.
  • Responsive: We are responsive to the needs and suggestions of our community, continuously striving to enhance our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Contact Us

For any queries or further information, please reach out to us at:

  • Email: info@americaage.com
  • CC: info@enspirers.com

America Age is dedicated to being a leader in inclusive journalism. We appreciate your trust and engagement as we work together to create a more diverse and inclusive media landscape.