Putin claims Russia wanted to join civilised world but never made it happen

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Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has stated that the Russian Federation has always wanted to be a part of the civilised world, but never became it.

Source: Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti

Quote: “We always wanted to be a part of this so-called civilised world.

And after the collapse of the USSR, which we allowed with our own hands, it seemed to us that from day to day, we would become part of this so-called civilised world.

And as it turned out, we were not expected there, in spite of all our efforts and attempts.”

Details: Putin stated that he himself made these attempts, but he was not welcomed.

According to the Russian president, the idea was always hatched, plans were made that one way or another, it would be possible to do it, but the Russians, for their part, almost always “adhered to an entirely different approach, different attitudes.”

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