Putin boasts that situation with war in Ukraine “not as dangerous” for Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he does not consider the Russian Federation to be approaching a dangerous point in the war against Ukraine.

Source: Kremlin-aligned Russian news outlets  RIA Novosti and RBC, referring to the statement by the Russian president during Moscow. Kremlin. Putin TV programme.

Putin’s response when asked whether Russia is approaching a dangerous point in the war against Ukraine: “Well, I don’t think it’s that dangerous.”

Details: The Russian president alleged once again that, by attacking Ukraine, he was acting the “right way”, defending “the national interests, the interests of citizens and people”, and that “there was simply no other choice”.

The President of Russia also repeated his mantra that the war with Ukraine was allegedly based on “politics of [Russian] geopolitical opponents, aimed at dividing Russia, historical Russia,” while his alleged goal was the “unification of the Russian people.”

At the same time, the leader of the aggressor country alleged that he was ready “to negotiate on acceptable terms with all the participants in this process “, but this is a matter for Ukraine and the West to consider: allegedly it is them, and not the Russian Federation, who are refusing to negotiate.

Why this is important:

Putin expected to capture Ukraine in 3 days, but the full-scale war has been going on for over 300 days. Russian forces are suffering colossal losses. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have killed over 100,000 Russian military personnel and destroyed thousands of units of Russian equipment within these 10 months of war.

The Russian invaders do not have any impressive successes at the front, moreover, Ukrainian defenders have liberated a large number of captured territories: in spring, the occupiers were driven out of Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts, later – from part of Kharkiv Oblast; and in early November, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the strategically important city of Kherson.

At the same time, the Russian dictator pretends that everything is under control, and he allegedly protects people.

Amidst the defeats on the frontline, Putin has decided to attack the transport and energy infrastructure of Ukraine. Currently, electricity, water and heating are being cut off for a long time all over Ukraine. Despite all of this, Ukrainian people are unbreakable, as in the moments when there is Internet, social networks are full of people saying that they are ready to stay without power, but at the same time with no Russians.

A number of world politicians say that Putin has already lost this war.

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