Lukashenko compares himself to Putin in ‘toxicity’

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Lukashenko also said he had discussed some “military issues” related to the “goals and tasks of the allied grouping of forces” with Putin at the meeting.

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Commenting on reports of the Russian Federation’s intentions to absorb Belarus, Lukashenko said that makes no sense, since they are accomplices in the aggression against Ukraine anyway.

“Speaking about someone absorbing someone else… The question arises, why?” Lukashenko said.

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“Russia always had our back. There is not a single issue today that we have not resolved. We are going to back the Russian Federation in the most difficult time. Well, you know, the two of us are co-aggressors, the most harmful and toxic people on this planet. We have only one dispute: who is bigger. Vladimir Vladimirovich says it’s me. I’m already starting to think that he is. We decided that it doesn’t matter, since we’re together.”

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