Kremlin asserts that even if there is peace with Ukraine, Russia will not leave occupied territories

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The Kremlin has made it clear that any “peace” with Ukraine must proceed from the fact that the Russian army will not leave the captured territories and return control over them to Kyiv.

Source: Dmitrii Peskov, spokesman for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin; RBK

Quote from Peskov: “Let us start with the fact that currently there is no ‘peace plan’ for Ukraine.

Again, there cannot be any peace plan for Ukraine that does not take into account today’s realities on Russian territory, that now includes four new regions [Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Oblasts, in addition to Crimea annexed in 2014 – ed.].”

Details: According to Putin’s spokesman, no plan that ignores these “realities” constructed by Russia can be adopted.

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