Xi tells Medvedev Russia should ‘exercise rational restraint’ towards Ukraine

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During their conversation in Beijing, the two officials discussed, in particular, Ukraine, Xinhua reported.

Xi said China has always determined its position and policy on the war in Ukraine through adhering to an objective stance and actively promoting peace negotiations.

The Chinese president said he hoped that “all parties concerned will exercise rational restraint, conduct comprehensive dialogue and solve common security problems by political means”.

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At the same time, the politicians discussed cooperation between China and Russia.

Medvedev, who arrived in China at the invitation of the Communist Party, handed Xi a letter from Russian President Vladimir Putin and said United Russia wants to promote the development of relations between Moscow and Beijing in the economic, trade, energy, and other spheres.

China has not openly criticized Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, but in November Xi said that the potential use of nuclear weapons by Russia was unacceptable.

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In early December, the Chinese leader noted that the end of the war through negotiations would be in the interests of Europe and all Eurasian countries. He said it was “necessary to avoid escalation and expansion of the crisis.”

At the same time, according to U.S. newspaper the Wall Street Journal, Xi instructed the Chinese government to establish closer economic ties with Russia.

According to the sources of the newspaper, China wants to increase imports of Russian oil, expand energy cooperation, and increase investments in Russia’s infrastructure.

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