‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s interesting request after winning $112,000

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It was a celebration Tuesday on Wheel of Fortune, when Los Angeles-based contestant Ilene Knebel became the first $100,000 bonus round winner of Season 39 and the first person to trigger confetti.

After solving the “Around the House” category puzzle with the answer “Quilted Bedspread,” host Pat Sajak opened the golden envelope to reveal that Knebel had won the highest bonus round prize possible — $100,000.

Viewers were super happy for Ilene following her big win Tuesday, particularly because she seems to be an all-around great person. Earlier in the interview portion of the show, Knebel shared that she has worked for the city of Beverly Hills for 25 years, has been married for more than 20 years, has three adult children and, on the side, does a lot of volunteer work. She also mentors Girl Scouts and delivers groceries to homebound people on the weekends. On top of all of that, Knebel said she has been auditioning to become a contestant on Wheel of Fortune for, at least, 30 years.

So, after winning big, what was Ilene’s request? Well, some may be surprised to learn that the first thing Knebel wanted to do was clean up the confetti.

During the closing of the show, Sajak said the first thing Knebel asked after the confetti came down was “Where’s the broom? I want to clean up.” So, following the commercial break, Sajak had a broom in hand as he told Knebel to “start sweeping.”

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