Von Miller’s lucky ‘Cardi B’ guess on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ scores $10,000 for his charity

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Sunday was a big day for NFL linebacker Von Miller. Miller and his team, the Los Angeles Rams, won the NFC Championship while at the same time he won money for his charity on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

At one point, Miller got lucky while attempting to solve a seemingly simple ‘before and after’ puzzle. With only one letter missing from the puzzle “Cardi B Vitamins,” Miller randomly guessed a “c.” The lucky guess helped earn an additional $10,000 for the Von’s Vision Foundation.

“Cardi B and B vitamins, and we stuck them together and got a ‘Before & After,’” Sajak explained.

“I would have never guessed that,” Miller admitted.

“Von, you are making it look easy, my friend,” Sajak replied with a smile.

Considering Cardi B is a Grammy winning rapper and was at one point the most streamed female artist in Spotify history, it was surprising Miller struggled with the puzzle.

The former Super Bowl MVP will now be playing in the big game for a second time, while knowing his performance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune will help others.

“You know, the bigger they are, the nicer they are,” Sajak said. “You’re a great guy. We appreciate you being here. $24,250 for Von’s Vision Foundation, and we’re gonna make it $30,000.”

Sunday marked the end of the season for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, but update visit ABC.

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