US medic on frontline in Ukraine says ‘Jesus is pissed off’ at Putin for the ‘horrible atrocities’ Russia has committed

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  • A US nurse who’s volunteered in Ukraine says Jesus is coming for Putin. 
  • “Jesus is pissed off,” Jennifer Mullee told Reuters. “He’s coming for you, Putin.”
  • Russia has been widely accused of committing war crimes in Ukraine. 

Jennifer Mullee, a US nurse from California who’s volunteered on the frontline in eastern Ukraine, is confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held accountable for the war whether in this life or the “afterlife.”

Mullee told Reuters that she prays Putin is “brought to justice” for the “horrible atrocities” Russia has committed in Ukraine. Russia has been widely accused of committing war crimes in Ukraine, ranging from mass killings to the targeting of civilian infrastructure. 

“But I’m confident that if he does not find justice in this life, he will be held accountable in his afterlife because Jesus is pissed off at him and he’s coming for you, Putin, he’s coming,” said Mullee, who worked as an emergency nurse in a hospital in Los Angeles before coming to Ukraine in May. 

People from across the world have volunteered to fight or serve as medics in Ukraine since Russia launched an unprovoked invasion in late February. Saturday will mark 10 months since Russia invaded. 

“I miss my daughters, but they understand and believe in the struggle of what’s going on here in Ukraine and fully support me and know that I’m doing important work,” Mullee told Reuters. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a historic visit to Washington on Wednesday, thanking the US for its support in the war so far while imploring lawmakers to continue providing aid to Kyiv. The US has provided billions in security assistance to Ukraine, including crucial weapons. 

The war in Ukraine has gone poorly for Russia, which is estimated to have suffered roughly 100,000 casualties so far. Much of the world has rallied behind Ukraine and moved to isolate Russia both economically and politically. 

Despite the myriad setbacks Russia has faced in Ukraine, the fighting rages on. Russia also continues to target civilian infrastructure with strikes as the harsh winter sets in, at times leaving millions without power and water. 

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