Turkey’s President Urges 57 Muslim Nations to Siege Israel; How End Times Begin This May

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When asked about the end of the world, Christ said to understand the book of Daniel. (Matthew 24)  In Daniel 8, a militant (Muslim) ram is pushing from the Middle East, north (to Russia), south (Africa),  west to Europe and the New World. It angers a goat that flies from the west to stomp the ram and break its horns that represent the kings of Media and Persia in “the time of the end.” Verses 17,20. (See picture)

Those areas are now Iraq and Iran. This was half fulfilled by the war with Iraq, but no weapons of mass destruction were found and after leaving men and equipment there, we don’t want war with Iran. Readers may wonder, What makes the goat angry to fight the ram again?

Zechariah 14 says all (Muslim) nations will be gathered against Jerusalem, houses rifled, women raped, half the city goes into captivity (end-times).

Muslims may celebrate their victory and Quran that says “Allah has no Son,” when suddenly “the Lord [Lion of Judah, Rev 5:5] shall roar from Jerusalem, the heavens and earth shall shake,” Joel 3:16.

Both of those two texts have “day of Lord” context to be further explained.*

Seismologists see a crescendo of seismic activity on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and they know that calamity can come to the west coast “anytime…”

The Bible offers information where science is lame, and God won’t do anything without revealing it. Amos 3. This includes the lion’s roar, vs 8. God “will shake terribly the earth.” Isa 2:21 “Day of the Lord” context again.

The last of seven churches, (Revelation 2,3) was Laodicea, a word that means “laos” (people) and dicea is decree or judgment. “People in a time of judgment.” The Bible says judgment must begin at the house of God, 1Peter 4. It could mean the US because it was founded by Christians–our money says, “In God We Trust.”

In the time of judgment impending, God will test whether we trust Him or not by our ability to live with His guidelines in the Bible.  We understand that in times of ignorance, He winks, but in times of judgment we are to repent—change our mind and to go by the best information available.

This is not about denominations, religious dogma or what the pope says.  There are good Christians in every church today, but after the earthquake that’s coming soon, there will be a movement towards being God’s people as His kingdom, but not if we do our own thing and are not interested in His wise guidelines (laws). . ”What is to come has been already and God summons each event back in its turn.” Ecclesiastes 3:15 NEB.  This principle explains why the US is like Egypt as history repeats.

Egypt enslaved Israel and threw their babies in the river, but the US has thrown 63 million babies in the trash* and has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Even medical care is bondage to MD visits and prescription$ that are a leading cause of illness and death from adverse drug reactions but the CDC never reports this—they are in busine$$ with pharma. This nation deserves judgment worse than Egypt.* 

The CDC has pushed their mRNA shot far beyond what medical information supports–vascular inflammation, blood clots and myocarditis by reported by the FDA and American Heart Assoc. journal, Circulation for cardiologists. Cambridge University recently reported Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in 25% of those who got vaxxed. https://ground.news/article/25-of-vaxxed-now-have-vaids-cambridge-scientists-warn

 This was all foreseen in FDAs warning at https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download  pg 16.  But Biden gave the media $1 Billion to promote the shot so they don’t report anything negative. It’s a big lie, speaking as a retired MD, board-certified in Internal Medicine who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

Former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, Marcia Angell, MD, wrote The Truth About the Drug Companies, How They Deceive Us. It would be great reading for Biden and Congress, but it’s not new. The Bible said it 2000 years ago where pharmakeia is the Greek word that ‘deceives all nations’ in Revelation 18, but badly translated as “sorcery” in verse 23, a cover-up somehow?

Revelation 18 begins with a call to come out of the confused systems of Babylon that would include US education’s focus on sex, government depicted as beasts of prey in Daniel 7, and religion with Rome represented by a harlot riding the beast of New World Order in Revelation 17, telling people to pray to Satan  https://rumble.com/v4c1qni-pope-francis-orders-christians-to-pray-to-satan-for-real-enligh tenment.html and medical care with bondage to drugs when we could be well by eating wisely,

National Institutes of Health gave Loma Linda University  $40 million to learn why Adventists live ~7 years longer than other non-smoking groups. It was because of the health writings of Ellen White, founder of LLU.

But she didn’t want pharmacology taught—she gave $5000 for the deposit to buy Loma Linda for a school to teach natural remedies, but church leaders wanted AMA accreditation so they hijacked her school to teach drugs. She had a vision of an earthquake with timing linked “the day of the Lord” in Zephaniah 1, likely in ’24.

“Buildings great and small were falling to the ground…Many lives were blotted out…It seemed that Judgment day had come.” http://tinyurl.com/4m3ma3pn  Ruhling considers this credible information and finds LLU’s leaders unable to address the issues in a state of denial in spite of a biblical picture that points to trouble.

We showed above that ‘the day of the Lord’ comes when Muslims take Jerusalem and the Lord roars with an earthquake that “will shake the earth terribly.” Isaiah 2. The day of the Lord is not when He comes in the sky, but it’s an extension of ‘night of the Lord’ when God judged Egypt. It was “night of the Lord” in Exodus 12 and as day follows night the end-time judgments may be worldwide, and could be a 7-year period as Joseph told Pharaoh in Genesis 41.

The San Andreas is 80 years overdue. Scientists say calamity can come anytime, even tomorrow. But God has an appointed time for judgment and it fits with Ellen White’s use of Zephaniah in “the day of the Lord’s sacrifice” which was Passover—that’s when God said, “I will execute judgment,” Exodus 12.

But Christ’s parables from the middle of Matthew 24 to the middle of Matthew 25 all support 9-11 provisions in Numbers 9:10,11. For example, He said “No man knows the day or hour…but as the days of Noah,” Matthew 24. The Flood had Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month after Noah buried his grand-father whose name meant, when he dies it will come.

The next parable begins, “Then…one shall be taken, the other left” (to a FEMA camp?) “Then” means the same time as Noah’s Flood. We see it again after the evil servant begins to smite his fellow servants—

“Then shall the kingdom be like ten virgins,” and when five missed the wedding for short delay, Christ told his disciples that they didn’t understand because it’s like a man traveling to a far country. It’s also Numbers 9:11

If an Israelite took a long trip and couldn’t get back in time for Passover, he was not excused, because Pass-over meant judgment that we all have to face, so they kept it a month later, and 2024 has unique 9-11 timing.

The 10th day was when a sacrifice was selected “as the days of Noah” when he entered the ark in Genesis 7. People who rejected Noah’s invitation were a sacrifice. God lets us choose, so how is this unique for 2024?

If one Googles “Dark Day,” it occurred on May 19,1780 when New England became unexplainably dark in mid-day.  Christians took it as a sign of end-times in Joel 2, but it was repeated when Mt St Helens erupted and wind carried the ash overnight to darken 3 NW states on the 200th anniversary–May 19, 1980. It would seem that God was marking May 19 for this spring when May 19 is the same day Noah entered the ark on the 10th day of the month, counting from the New Moon, Exodus 12:2. 

Readers may wonder if the Dark Day could represent an enemy attack of our power grid. Jonathan Hollerman, Deputy Director of Homeland Security said he was amazed that this hasn’t happened yet—he said it would be so easy to do with a high altitude nuclear explosion in middle of America. It could wipe out transformers coast to coast and since they are specific for each location, it would take a year to replace them.

Meanwhile, truckers couldn’t pump fuel or bring food to the cities. Gangs would roam and martial law could take many to a FEMA camp. “One shall be taken, the other left” was the basis of a fictional movie, Left Behind.

 The Flood came a week later, Genesis 7. God gave the rainbow as a sign that He would never again destroy earth with a Flood, but waters also represent people in Revelation 17, and Daniel 11 includes the king of the north (Babylon) overflowing the king of the south (US is now like Egypt).

In this scenario, the papacy is spiritual Babylon in Revelation 17 and has been overflowing US for decades with millions of people who will vote the pope’s agenda for UN’s New World Order—that’s his road to world supremacy after losing it when Protestants fled the Old World for freedom in the New World.

The Flood came a week after Noah entered the ark and we may not see the earthquake until May 26, but those living in cities will see martial law. Why not take a week of vacation and head out of cities on May 19?

Events will be pushing US to a UN New World Order, but Christians are called out of Babylon’s confused systems that include transgender, gay marriage, pedophilia & school children having their own sex partners and no one can buy or sell without a mark of compliance  that includes false worship, Revelation 13.

Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who considered a rare solar eclipse on the equinox and a blood moon on Passover in 2015 as a 7-year warning for “the day of the Lord” in 2023, along with the Iran Nuclear Treaty as “Peace and safety” talk, 1Thessalonians 5.

When nothing huge happened last spring, Ruhling realized that our Gregorian Calendar is not biblical. Its year begins in January and ends in December. The Biblical year begins in spring and goes to the next spring. During 2023, Hamas did the very thing that will bring “the day of the Lord” as war escalates in the Middle East, and we should not be surprised to see end-times begin this spring as seen in Zechariah 14.  For more information, readers can visit Ruhling’s website, https://healthhappinessdestiny.com/  or browse his books on Amazon. How It All Ends is his most recent book. MegaQuake 2024 may be of interest to people in Los Angeles-Inland Empire.  Media may contact Ruhling at email, Ruhling7@yahoo.com


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