Taeler Made Evolving in the Entertainment Industry

American Age Official

Content Writer, Christine M. Feliciano

Social media can be a platform for up-and-coming public personalities/actors; although Taeler Made does not use Actor as an adjective or title to describe her work, she is setting record numbers as an influencer and an adult entertainer on social media. Enlightening the way the world views adult entertainment. Unbeknownst to her, the fruition of a term of endearment when her friend, while they were children, called her Ms. Made, that she would become the sensational Taeler Made, Taeler Made made it. As of October 2022, the trailblazer/social media mogul has 94.6K followers on Twitter, 352.2M views on TikTok,6.25K subscribers on YouTube, 529K followers on Instagram, and 17.4K followers for Taelermadedancewear on Instagram. Her internet stardom began in 2014 and continues to grow.    

Taeler advised those who would like to get into the adult entertainment business: “Wipe away every thought process you had, it isn’t at all what you think, do your research, talk to people, ask questions, and you must be comfortable with yourself.” The social media star/entrepreneur says, “social media is fake fame; it can be taken away with a click of a button.” Taeler states: “real fame, for example, is Denzel Washington, he never needed a social media platform, and regardless of what social media says or does, Denzel will always be Denzel; that is real fame“. The tenacious Taeler is exceptionally adaptable in her environment and unpredictable, as you never know what hidden talent or gift of hers we will see next.

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