Putin still tells tales of 99.9% Russians “ready to put everything on line for Motherland”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the vast majority of Russians are ready to “put everything on the line” for the sake of their country.

Source: the Russian dictator on the air of Moscow. Kremlin. Putin television program

Putin’s quote when asked about what surprised him during the war: “As for the main part, there are 99.9% of our citizens, our people, who are ready to put everything on the line in the interests of the motherland, there is nothing unusual here for me. It simply reassures me once again that Russia is a special country. And special people live here.”

Details: According to him, this is allegedly “confirmed throughout the entire history of Russia’s existence, and once again today.”

The Russian dictator also added that he is allegedly not surprised that some people behave “not like real patriots.”

According to Putin, in any society there are always people who “primarily think of their personal interests”, but he “does not really condemn” them, since “every person has the right to choose”.

Why this is important: Putin is waging a war of aggression against Ukraine, justifying it first by Ukraine’s alleged desire to attack the Russian Federation, then by some imaginary threat from the West and NATO, then by the alleged desire to protect the people of Donbas, then by the intention to “unite the Russian people”, then a mythical struggle with “nationalist Nazis”.

At the same time, any protests against the war are prohibited in Russia; people in the Russian Federation are arrested even for going out into the street with a blank sheet of paper in their hands.

When Putin, against the background of large-scale losses in Ukraine, announced a partial mobilisation, Russian men began to flee Russia en masse.

The Russian government is now considering banning Russians who have fled the country from working remotely, as well as confiscating their property or raising taxes for them.

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