Putin explaines cancellation of annual address: It is difficult to record results

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Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, has explained the cancellation of the annual address to the Russia’s Federal Assembly by the fact that it is difficult for him to record the results and immediate plans.

Source: Putin during a press conference on Thursday, 22 December

Quote: “There was no address in 2017 either. But there should be one. The issue is that the dynamics of events are very high and the situation is developing very dynamically. Therefore, it was difficult to record results and specific plans for the near future at a specific moment in time. We will definitely do this at the beginning of the year.”

Details: Putin has added that such plans and results were reflected in his speeches, in which “it was impossible not to talk about it”, and it is difficult to include these topics in a formal address without repeating them.

Background: Putin had cancelled his traditional New Year’s Eve plans this year, including his press conference and address to Russia’s Federal Assembly.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) cited the lack of a positive agenda as one of the reasons for the cancellation of the address.

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