Putin claims to keep developing nuclear triad as “sovereignty guarantee” for Russia

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Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has claimed that he plans to further develop the combat readiness of the Russian nuclear triad as a sovereignty and territorial integrity guarantee.

Source: Putin at the Ministry of Defence collegium

Quote: “We will sustain and improve the combat readiness of the nuclear triad. This is the main guarantee for preserving our sovereignty, territorial integrity, strategic parity and the balance of power in the world. This year, the quantity of modern armament in the strategic nuclear forces surpassed 91%.”

Details: Putin states that in the near future, Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles  will be put on combat duty, and the troops are being supplied with the Yars missile systems.

In addition to that, Putin reported that Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov armed with new anti-ship hypersonic cruise missiles 3M22 Zircon will be put on “combat service” in January.

He also expressed hope that the information concerning “NATO forces and armament” would be analysed and used by the Russian Armed Forces, as well as the experience received during the war in Ukraine.


  • Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, said in September that Russia’s nuclear arsenal might be well beyond its date of expiry: “If you press the button, it can explode right there”.

  • Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, assured fellow Russians that the nuclear triad of the Russian Federation was “at a high level”, so the country’s security was ensured.

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