Putin assures he wants to end war as soon as possible, but “chicken pecks one grain at a time”

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Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, assured that Russia allegedly wants to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible, but wants to avoid great losses.

Source: Putin during a press conference on Thursday, 22 December

Quote: “Our goal is not to spin this flywheel of a military conflict, but on the contrary, to end this war. We strive for this and will strive.”

“We will strive to finish it. And the sooner the better, of course.”

Details: Putin also stated that the intensification of hostilities leads to great losses.

“The chicken pecks one grain at a time,” he illustrated his words.

Worth noting that Putin openly called his war against Ukraine a war, and not a “special military operation” [the official Russian way to call the war in Ukraine – ed.], as he did before.

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