North Korean leader Kim Jong-un rides white horse, limps in new documentary celebrating his achievements

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Kim Jong-un can be seen riding a white horse in a new documentary that celebrates his purported accomplishments in 2021, including conducting more missile tests, visiting a construction site and identifying ways to stop the spread of the pandemic.

The 110-minute film was broadcast in North Korea on Tuesday and showed the hermit kingdom leader addressing the nation’s “worst-ever hardships,” Reuters reported. It also showed Kim riding on a white horse into the sunset on a beach.

It does not go into specifics about the “hardships,” but the country faces food shortages during a drought and floods and has closed its borders to keep COVID-19 at bay.

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The film showed Kim limping while walking down a flight of steps during a visit to a construction site.

“This video showed his motherly side where he completely dedicated his own body to realize people’s dreams,” the narrator is quoted as saying.

While the film did not address Kim’s weight loss, state media photos showed him to be noticeably thinner in recent months. State media also said in June that that the nation was “heartbroken” seeing their “emaciated” leader after he had avoided the spotlight for nearly a month.

Experts and intelligence agencies are keeping a close eye on Kim’s health as it remains unclear who would replace him as leader.

The documentary also showed Kim riding the white stallion alongside military officials such as Pak Jong-chon, chief of the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army.

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It also showed tanks performing live-fire drills along with images of a new 80-story skyscraper and apartment district. Footage of a defense expo as well as missile tests were also shown.

This isn’t the first time Kim has been seen on camera riding a white horse. In 2019, a video released by state media showed the autocratic leader making his way up Mount Paektu on a quadruped.

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Featured Image via RT (left), Al Jazeera (right)

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