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According to the media, Medvedchuk’s daughter moved to Moscow in 2021, where she entered Higher School of Economics (HSE) University. Along with her, two more Ukrainians were admitted under a special procedure for foreigners — Danylo Kosovskyy (son of the archpriest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate) and Valentyna Shust (daughter of the ex-head of the Ukrcapital investment company).

Medvedchuk, Putin’s personal friend, said at the beginning of 2022 that his daughter got admitted to the University of Geneva and planned to go to Switzerland, but her visa was canceled two days before her studies.

According to Meduza, all three students from Ukraine missed the same exam during the summer session. They tried three times to provide “sick leave documents,” but the HSE checks the authenticity of such certificates and the medical facility from which Medvedchuk, Kosovskyy and Shust brought the certificates reported that these three did not apply for assistance. According to HSE rules, such a violation should lead to the expulsion of students.

However, after the expulsion orders were ready, the education office administrator started receiving threatening calls. Later, the manager of the educational process reported that the vice-principal of the university called her.

The publication notes that despite this, the Ukrainians failed to pass the summer session: this is also a reason for expulsion, which the university informed the students about. But according to the publication’s source, a man and a woman “looking like gangsters, in leather jackets and with evil eyes” shortly came to the educational office and brought certificates about the transfer of Shust and Kosovskyy to the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, as well as alcohol and sweets. However, Daryna Medvedchuk was allowed to write a letter of motivation and continue her studies at the HSE.

“Medvedchuk still studies, lagging behind the faculty’s students in performance,” the article said.

In September, Ukraine exchanged Viktor Medvedchuk for more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers. He is suspected of treason and other criminal offenses.

In November, Medvedchuk was spotted with his wife Oksana Marchenko in temporarily occupied Yalta. A video clip showing them being in a cafe was shared by some Telegram channels.

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