Lukashenko to visit Putin again

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This visit comes at the behest of Putin, who invited the Belarusian dictator to visit an astronaut training center near Moscow on Dec. 24. The Russian dictator has earlier claimed a Belarusian astronaut will be sent to the International Space Station in 2023.

Then, Lukashenko is expected to head to an informal meeting in Saint Petersburg on Dec. 26-27, where he will meet with political heads from other Commonwealth of In-dependent States countries.

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Lukashenko has met with Putin eight times in 2022, though only once in Minsk (on Dec. 19).

Lukashenko regime supports Putin in his war against Ukraine, though has thus far refrained from sending his own troops to assist. According to data provided by UK intelligence, the military roles of Russia and Belarus have recently changed – with the Belarusian military training newly conscripted Russian soldiers

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