Josh Gad accidentally took sleep meds before shooting ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: ‘I was not there that day’

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Josh Gad appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, where he spoke about starring alongside Larry David in an episode of the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Gad said that he woke up with a neck ache that day and took three Advil, but noticed when he got to set that something wasn’t right, and he quickly found out why.

Gad said he called his wife and asked her to look at the pill bottle, and was relieved when she told him it was Advil. Then she told him it was Advil PM.

“I took three Advil PM and shot an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Gad said.

When Kimmel told him it didn’t seem to affect his performance, Gad replied, “It did. I was not there that day. But I had the best time.”

One of the main storylines of the episode was that Gad, who played David’s chiropractor, wore underwear with a lot of holes, which of course David saw and was disgusted by. In one scene, Gad bent over and revealed more than just deteriorated underwear. Though Gad’s memory of that day may have been a bit hazy, he soon got a reminder.

“They sent me a nudity rider about — and it basically issued a notification of how many inches of ass I was permitting them to show on camera,” Gad said, “and I’m like, ‘Did I do an episode of Euphoria that I forgot about?’”

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