‘Joe Millionaire’ bachelor hits boiling point and asks to talk to producer: ‘I just want to leave here’

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On this week’s episode of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, one of the bachelors, Kurt, was considering quitting the show after things got heated between him and one of the women he’s connected with most, named Carolyn.

Kurt and Carolyn hit it off in the very first episode of the season. Eventually, Carolyn got so confident in their relationship that she told him he should go explore relationships with the other women, because she is positive that she is going to be leaving the show with Kurt. However, Carolyn found herself walking back those comments when Kurt began to hit it off with another woman, Amanda.

Kurt and Amanda genuinely have a connection as well. In fact, he even seems to have more fun when he’s around her. However, Carolyn, whom the other contestants call “self-centered” and “conceited” seems to think her relationship with Kurt is signed, sealed and delivered. Of course, that all changed when she saw Amanda sitting on Kurt’s lap and holding his hand during a group camping trip.

After storming off, Kurt chased after Carolyn, who began to chew him out for letting Amanda sit in his lap in front of all the women trying to date him. “What am I supposed to do? You told me to explore other options,” Kurt pointed out.

“Carolyn is putting me in between a rock and hard place. There’s no win. So I’m just taking it on the chin. I’m not going to throw gasoline on this fire right now,” said Kurt, who later added, “This is something that irritates me to no end.”

Eventually, Carolyn told Kurt, “This is not for me. At this point, I’m just done,” to which he responded, “Yeah, I don’t think it’s for me either.”

“I just want to leave here. I want to talk to a producer,” stated Kurt.

Kurt then told a producer, “This is all going to blow up in my face. There’s no positive that can come out of it. I don’t give a **** about people watching this show or how I’m gonna come across. I care about the fact that I’m not being someone that I like right now.”

As you could imagine, the fans had some thoughts. Like the fact that Kurt is not Carolyn’s boyfriend and he’s supposed to be getting to know all the women because this is a dating show.

Fortunately, in the end, Kurt did not leave the show as he decided that he’s not willing to throw away what he and Carolyn might have and because he really is looking for love.

Meanwhile, other bachelor Steven shared, “It’s like she knew what she was coming but she doesn’t want to accept it, and she wants to change the rules. And it’s not fair to make Kurt feel bad, or make character accusations, when the women that are here are here for the right reasons.”

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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