EU Council president calls for Russia’s suspension from UN Security Council

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“I think there are flaws in international law if a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and this is the case with Russia, blatantly violates international law,” he stated.

“In my opinion, a mechanism for termination of membership should be established. I am not talking about the complete exclusion of Russia, but at least the suspension of Russia’s membership in the Security Council.”

He also admitted that the UN security concept began to “fall apart” even before the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine.

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“Currently it is impossible (exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council), it contradicts the very concept of UN security,” he noted.

“However, we clearly saw that even before the start of this war, the UN security concept was already (showing signs of unreliability) and had many difficulties in functioning when solving major international problems.”

He also hopes that there will be a “deep” reform of the UN in the future.

“I am among those who believe that sooner or later the reform of functioning will be mandatory,”he said.

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“For example, to better take into account the balance of the modern world order. We see, for example, that the African continent is very little or very poorly represented in the UN structures. The same can be said about Latin America. And I think that one day there will be a discussion of a deep reform of the UN system.”

Michel stated on Sept. 24 that the suspension of Russia’s membership in the UN Security Council should be automatic. He also stressed that the right of veto, which is actively used by the Russian Federation, should not be a commonly-used tool, but an exception.

Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said on Dec. 20 that Ukraine is preparing official steps to prove that Russia’s presence in the UN Security Council is actually illegitimate.

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