Don Lemon calls out Fox News for siding with Russia: ‘Straight out of the Putin playbook’

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Just minutes into Tuesday’s Don Lemon Tonight, CNN’s Don Lemon called out Fox News, as many of the network’s personalities and guests seem to be supporting Russia as tensions continue to rise with Ukraine. Fox’s most popular opinion host, Tucker Carlson, has repeatedly defended Russia’s escalation of the situation, while others have been very complimentary of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“With tensions at an all-time high, you’ve got to wonder, why does a certain network seem to love Vladimir Putin so much?” Lemon wondered. “You all know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about the Fox propaganda network. What we’re seeing is a whole lot of praise for the authoritarian strongman who rules Russia with an iron fist.”

As the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine remains a strong possibility, tensions between Russia and the United States have reached heights not seen in decades. But Fox’s narrative has reportedly swayed some viewers to side with Russian aggression, causing Lemon to question why some at the network are pushing that message.

“That can come straight out of the Putin playbook. To Russia with love,” Lemon said. “And it raises a whole lot of questions about what the Fox propaganda network is up to. What are they up to? And whose propaganda they’re pushing, really.”

Earlier in the night on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow also took a jab at Fox’s coverage of the burgeoning conflict.

“Every country in the West is worried about Russia potentially starting this new war,” Maddow said. “Everybody except our friends at Fox News primetime who are apparently rooting for Russia in this instance and wouldn’t mind a war. But elsewhere in the West, everybody’s worried about it.”

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Watch retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman blame Tucker Carlson for contributing to Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine:

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