Dave Franco reveals the real reason why Alison Brie laughed at him during his proposal

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Actor Dave Franco appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Wednesday night, where he revealed the really sweet, but super hilarious, reason why his proposal to actress Alison Brie didn’t quite go as planned.

According to Franco, the couple, who will be celebrating their fifth anniversary soon, originally met in New Orleans five years before their engagement. Franco said Brie was wearing a silver Mardi Gras mask that he had been playfully trying to take from her all weekend.

“When she left New Orleans, I was still there for work. She left the mask and she left it with a little note. What she didn’t know is that I kept the mask. So, cut to five years later, we’re going up to Big Sur for a trip, I decide this is the trip where I’m going to propose. I knew she wanted to pick out the ring herself, so I was, like, alright, I’m not going to have a ring but I’ve got the mask, that’s the special thing I got,” explained Franco. However, the actor realized the day before the trip that he should have a placeholder ring to have something to put on her finger.

Franco shared, “I go down the street to this old Hollywood antique store and I get this vintage stone ring that I thought was cool. It was, like, ten bucks. I’m, like, alright it’s fine, it’s just something to put on her finger. So we go up to Big Sur, we’re on the back patio, she’s out overlooking the ocean, she turns around, I’m on one knee, I’m wearing the mask, I’m holding up the ring. And because it had been five years, she couldn’t place the mask. She didn’t know what it was.”

In 2017, Brie stated in an interview with Larry King, that she couldn’t stop laughing during the proposal because she was “so shocked,” and asked him a number of times if he was being serious before she said yes. However, that story was lacking this key piece of information and now that it has been unmasked, it all makes way more sense.

“So what she sees is me wearing this weird stupid mask, holding up this janky stone ring. And so the entire proposal is her saying, ‘What is happening right now?’ And it’s me trying to explain how sweet it is that I kept the mask for five years,” laughed Franco.

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