Bunker grandpa Putin faces two options Head of Security Service of Ukraine

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Vasyl Maliuk, the acting Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), believes that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who had unleashed a war against Ukraine, has only two ways out, either an international tribunal or an undignified death in one of his bunkers.

Source: Maliuk in an interview for 1+1 Ukrainian TV channel

Quote: “He [Putin – ed.] got carried away, stole too much, and became conceited. He is an old man in a bunker. He really lives in his painful world, and he will face two options. Either a defendant’s dock in the Hague, or an undignified death somewhere in a bunker in Altai [Russian Far East – ed.]. That’s it.”

Details: According to Maliuk, the SSU in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies has formed a “unique treasure trove” of evidence for future international criminal courts.


  • According to the mass media, Russian President Vladimir Putin has an extensive chain of secret bunkers stretching from Moscow to the Urals, and new underground shelters continue to be built in Russia.

  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has cancelled his traditional New Year’s Eve plans and won’t be playing ice hockey on Red Square this year. He has also cancelled his press conference and address to Russia’s Federal Assembly.

  • British Defence Intelligence believes that the Kremlin decided to abandon Putin’s traditional big press conference at the end of the year in order to avoid any dissatisfaction with the “special military operation” [the so-called “special military operation” is the term Russian authorities use to call war against Ukraine – ed.].

  • There have also been suggestions that Putin fears for his own life.

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