‘Big Brother’ fans are fuming over mistreatment of fan-favorite contestant

There was a big blow up fight on Big Brother Wednesday night between fan-favorite contestant Taylor Hale and not-so-fan-favorite, Daniel Durston.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the 24/7 live feeds of the house, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the cast’s treatment of Taylor, as viewers have taken to social media with accusations of microaggressions toward her from the other houseguests. However, CBS never aired any of the instances. That is until Wednesday night’s episode, when Nicole misinterpreted Taylor’s genuine kindness for passive aggressiveness, then shared that false narrative with other houseguests.

Going into this week’s Power of Veto competition, Nicole had a plan to throw the competition so that this week’s HOH, Matt Turner, could replace his eviction nominees with Nicole and Taylor (who are currently “Festie Besties”) in order to blindside Taylor and send her home. However, Nicole said the only bad thing about her plan was that she despises throwing a competition, even if it means her gain. That internal struggle for her ultimately led to her sobbing alone in a room.

Not knowing why Nicole was crying, the houseguests started to think Nicole had received some bad news about her mother’s cancer. Taylor, being the empath that she is, began to feel sad for Nicole as she shared, “I don’t know the details. She doesn’t need to tell me the details, but I know she’s hurting. I just want her to understand that when I see her hurting, the game doesn’t matter to me. I just care about her well-being and whatever is best for her.”

Still believing Nicole’s tears were related to some personal news back home, Taylor went into Nicole’s room to advise her to do whatever she needs to do and what’s best for her, even if that meant “tapping out of the fight.” This didn’t sit well for Nicole, who thought Taylor was being “passive aggressive” and “projecting negative energy” onto her, while also trying to sabotage her game.

Nicole immediately went to Daniel, telling him Taylor told her “If you decide you want to quit, it’s okay,” to which Daniel responded, “Oh beautiful. I will not talk to her. She can **** off. I’m pissed. Taylor tells her she can leave this game any time she’d like. Taylor’s trying to manipulate and capitalize in this moment while Nicole is in a vulnerable state.”

Taylor then walked into the room to Daniel telling her, “Just stop. From this point on, just stop. Don’t speak to me until finale.” She thought he was joking and played along, until Daniel escalated, yelling, “You can f*** right off. You don’t think America is watching all that? You don’t think so? From here on out, do not speak to me.” Taylor was super confused, so she followed Daniel to another room to clear everything up, but Daniel wouldn’t even allow Taylor to speak.

“No, stop. I will never forget what you did to Paloma. You think she didn’t spiral because of you? You didn’t add to that? And now you’re trying to do it to Nicole, the mind games? You will not speak to Nicole like that. Ever again,” Daniel told Taylor.

As you could imagine, BB fans were fuming over Daniel’s aggression toward Taylor and many of them found it hard to even watch.

But, most of all, everyone just agreed Taylor doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, including some of the houseguests, who later pulled Taylor into the HOH room to tell her they think the rest of the house has been bullying her and they are ready to put a stop to it.

“Just because you’re strong is no grounds for us to test how strong you are,” Joseph Abdin told Taylor, as the alliance now known as “The Leftovers” banded together, including Taylor.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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