‘Bachelor’ contestant compares herself to Meryl Streep following fake tearful apology

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Clayton Echard continued to give Shanae Ankney the benefit of the doubt on The Bachelor, Monday, despite all the women in the house warning him about her week after week.

Following last week’s drama, when Shanae intruded on a group date after-party that she was not part of and immaturely threw the winning team’s trophy into a pond, Clayton once again confronted Shanae about the negative things the women in the house were saying about her.

“This has been very challenging for me, because it is creating more turmoil in the house,” Clayon told Shanae. “And I don’t want this to be a hostile environment. You do feel that throwing the trophy in the pond was not the right thing to do? Because if you aren’t able to and, like, this continues, then I just don’t know how we can move forward.”

“Shanae, like, do you feel apologetic for it? Your actions of throwing the trophy into the pond are very hard to defend,” added Clayton.

Shanae responded, saying, “No, I want to apologize. You know, I was heated in the moment, you know? And then after actually going home and thinking about it, I should have never done that. Like, that’s not my character. That’s not me. So yeah, I am really sorry. And I’m sorry that, you know, I did interrupt that after-party. I do hope you can, you know, accept my apology and so do the girls. You know, by apologizing and being, you know, truthful, I think it’s going to have, you know, our connection, you know, move forward and build. So that’s what I’m looking for.” However, Bachelor Nation wasn’t fooled. What Shanae told Clayton was just a front, and her apology to the women that followed was all an act.

“I’m really nervous right now, but I wanted to tell you guys that I’m really sorry,” Shanae said through fake tears. “It wasn’t my intention to hurt any of you guys, and I know I took a lot of time away from you guys with Clayton. And I know this has been going on way too far. And I know I’ve said some things that I didn’t mean. But I am really sorry, and I hope we can get past this because I do want to, you know, talk to you guys and confide in you and be there for one another. I’m truly sorry.” Immediately following her apology, Shanae went back to Clayton to tell him she had done it and that it “went well,” but minutes later stated in the interview portion, “That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life, apologize to people that I wasn’t sorry for. I’m not sorry, hoes. You mean ****s. I need an Oscar award for that performance. Fake it till you make it. I never thought I could act before, but I’m good.”

Shanae then motioned with her hands in the air as she stated, “This is Meryl Streep, and this is Shanae Ankney. Right here,” as if she were saying she was on the same level as the acting GOAT, which did not sit well with some Bachelor fans.

It wasn’t just Shanae’s lies and manipulation that has been driving Bachelor Nation crazy. Viewers also have been frustrated with Clayton for continuing to give her a rose every week and letting her behavior towards the other women slide.

Even Clayton, who is now watching back the footage, admits he was played.

In the end, Shanae stated, “Bitches, I’m done. He’s mine. I never thought I had to compete this much for one ****ing man. I’m this hot blonde bombshell. What else do I need to say? Give me the Oscar, give me the Emmy, give me the Golden Globe, and give me the ****ing rose.”

So, Shanae will continue to wreak havoc on the house for at least another week but, honestly, isn’t that all why we watch the show?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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